The Parents Association's very appropriate motto is Sumus Vobiscum, which means, "We are with you." Our chapter's mission is to support our cadets in any way we can, while also providing a framework of support for their parents.

In years past, the Chesapeake and Potomac Chapter has supported sports teams and musical groups visiting the area, raised funds to purchase equipment (liberty vans and Day Room television sets) for the cadets, and introduced the Academy life to young people considering the USCGA.

We hold social events throughout the year which provide a fun chance to share our common bond--the USCGA.

Cadet Support Activities

The Chapter engages in a wide variety of activities to support our cadets. These include:
  • Fundraising to generate money for the Cadet Enrichment Fund, which is used to purchase items for the cadets to make their lives a little more pleasant.
  • Sponsor the annual academic award to the top cadet in the course on Morals and Ethics.
  • Collection, preparation and distribution of "goodie bags" for various cadet events.

Parental Support Activities

The Parents Association is, basically, a support group. The parents support each other - and they support their cadets and the Academy. They provide strong shoulders to lean on. Many remain members, even though their cadets have long since graduated -- they become lifetime friends.