Parents Organization Mission Statement

The Coast Guard Parents Association is a non-profit organization, which exists for the sole purpose of supporting the Coast Guard Academy and its Corps of Cadets.  

It seeks to expand public understanding and appreciation of the Academy; to encourage well-qualified young men and women to apply for appointments as Cadets; to assist with the orientation of new cadets and their parents; to promote communication between parents, cadets and the Academy Administration; and to make known to its membership the opportunities for participating in Academy and support projects offered by the United States Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association.

At the local level, the Parents Association of New England, representing the states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, is comprised of 80+ members with four (4) officers, national counsel members and several subcommittee chairpersons.  

The mission of our Chapter is to support the Corps of Cadets through the national association and to provide a framework of support for their parents. 

Monies raised from our past fundraisers have supported:
  • Liberty vans
  • Music program – new instrument cases
  • Copy machines for each floor in Chase Hall
  • Athletics
  • Solid brass engraved with class crest for First Class Cadets (Presented during the fall of First Class year.)