Who is Capt. Paul Foye?

Captain Paul F. Foye was the Academy’s third Academic Dean serving at USCGA for over 32 years. His innovative and effective overhaul of the Academy’s curriculum won him the Coast Guard Meritorious Service Award.

Capt. Paul Foye was a likeable man with a warm rapport with cadets. The Captain was probably as well known in athletics as he was in academics. Capt. Paul Foye was the Academy’s head baseball coach from 1945 through 1955. He was the Academy’s head basketball coach from 1955 to 1961. Many also remember Capt. Paul Foye as the Academy’s genial and perceptive “announcer” at home football games.

Capt. Paul Foye gave up a promising professional baseball career to teach, coach, and enrich the academic life of the Academy. Capt. Paul Foye also touched the lives of many as he held the respect and friendship of several generations of cadets. Following its namesake, the Capt. Paul F. Foye Chapter continues a long, proud tradition of supporting CGA cadets and their families.
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