Photo Albums

The USCGA Parents Association web site does not actually post parent photos directly. We do however provide for parents to post Web links to their online photo albums. There are a great many services which provide for the ability to store and manage photo albums on the Internet. The ability to post photos online has proven to be a great benefit to parents, who may not be able to visit the Academy as much as they wish. We see these services as a means to keep Association members connected by sharing their experiences when attending various cadet events.
Prior to this year, we organized all photo albums by class. This was becoming very difficult as most photos include cadets from multiple classes. Swab summer photos include a lot of wonderful pictures of Swabs, but they also include Cadre (2nd Class) and Regimental Staff/Officers (1st Class). So, we will be organizing photos by school year from now on.

View the online photo albums

How to Add Your Photo Album

If you have an online photo album of Cadets (on sites such as Flickr, Picasa, or Shutterfly), and would like the link included on this site, sign in to the Message List.  On the Class Message Lists Home page select a class year and 'click' the fourth button, labeled "Post a Photo Link to the Website.  You will be taken to a page that allows you to submit a "Photo Link Subject" (briefly describe the general subject of the photos that your link goes to) and a "Photo Link."  The "Photo Link (URL) must not go to a password protected site.

Some Brief Issues Regarding Photos

While we encourage the sharing of photos to foster communication and support among parents of cadets, there are a few important items to keep in mind!

  • We reserve the right to refuse your photo link request. This site is owned by the US Coast Guard Academy Parents Association which solely retains all rights and privileges of use.
  • The internet is PUBLIC DOMAIN -- DO NOT EXPECT PRIVACY. Therefore, you might be 'selective' of the photographs you post as ANYONE viewing the photo DOES have the capability to download (copy) it. Be wary of revealing too much personal information in your picture captions. Use just first names or last names.
  • We ask that all pictures should be of a positive nature. The photographs should reflect the pride and accomplishments of your (and other's) cadet!
  • Some pictures are just too "expensive". Obviously, this will not apply to many cadet and academy photos (unless they reflect poorly on the cadet or academy -- see the above). However, the world has changed since 9/11. Disclosing locations and travel plans of your graduated ensign, duty assignments and/or fleet operations over the open nature of the Internet could be dangerous and place people at risk. Please use common sense.
  • And finally, You may be asked if some of your pictures may be utilized for USCGA publications!!