Why Join

The Parents Association has two primary goals:
  1. To provide support to cadets during their arduous four year adventure at the Coast Guard Academy
  2. To provide a support for parents and guardians during what can be four very stressful and exciting years
Being involved through membership will afford you the personal satisfaction that you are joining forces with parents who have a common commitment to share information and take action to improve the lives of cadets while they attend the Academy. Through the national and local chapter websites and periodic newsletters you gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can support your son or daughter and the Corps of Cadets. Be a part of your cadet's experience. Help fulfill the mission of the United States Coast Guard Academy.

For a one-time fee of $400 or 4 payments of $100 during 4/c year, parents will receive membership in the Coast Guard Academy Parents Association and the Chapter of their choice, and a 4-year Associate Membership in the USCGA Alumni Association. Parents will receive the Parents Newsletter 3 times a year for the period of time their child is a cadet and the bi-monthly Alumni Bulletin.

  • Local Chapters
  • Support network
  • 4-year associate membership in the USCGA Alumni Association
Note that parents can join the Parents Association as early as swab summer of  their cadets' 4/c year. Membership rates for parents who join after 4/c year are as follows: 3/c parents $300; 2/c parents $200; 1/c parents $100.

The local chapters are an extremely important source of information and support for parents of cadets. Regional chapters hold periodic meetings and provide face-to-face support for parents in their local area.
Ask a Parent

Do you have questions about life at the Academy, cadet activities, schedules and more? Ask a Parent aims to answer questions related to the entire Corps of Cadets.

Local chapters raise funds necessary to support the needs of the cadets through the sale of CGA items. At the local chapter level, funds are used for a activities such as welcome aboard picnics, Fall Meet-and-Greets, and AIM seminars.
Join the Parents Association today to help support the Corps of Cadets, the Coast Guard Academy and to connect with other parents.