Strength & Conditioning Center

A project of the Alumni Association's All Present campaign, the new Cadet Strength & Conditioning Center will feature state-of-the-art equipment and will be located on the rarely-used patio area outside the 3rd deck of Roland Hall. This 6,000-square foot space will feature an outstanding view of the Thames River and the CGA waterfront.

The Impact

  • Improve Health & Strength of Cadets
  • Enhance a Culture of Fitness
  • Produce Ensigns who are Sound in Mind & Body

Progress Towards Pledge

$454,116raised in Personal Donations/Pledges

Why Now?

While CGA’s athletic facilities have improved significantly in the last several years, the current strength and conditioning spaces leave much to be desired – in terms of size, capacity, equipment and locations. In comparison to our DIII counterparts, our facilities make it more difficult to recruit cadet-athletes, as well as, adequately train current athletes to remain competitive.

With over 80% of the Corps participating in either a varsity or club sport, the current facilities cannot meet the demands. For example, many cadets cannot access strength and conditioning equipment during the daily Athletics Period. In addition, there is currently no place for the full time strength coach to work with an entire team at one time.

A larger facility will meet the strength and conditioning interests and needs of the Corps of Cadets as a whole, and specifically for members of varsity and club athletic teams. It will improve the stature of the CGA athletic program in the eyes of prospective cadets. The new center will not only level the playing field with our DIII counterparts, but will also contribute to the Academy’s strategic goal of building a culture that ensures success in competition, leadership development, and lifelong wellness.

“In the process of recruiting prospective cadet-athletes to attend CGA and who one day will become ensigns, we often say that young people ‘buy with their eyes’ when they visit the Academy and view our athletic facilities. The new Cadet Strength & Conditioning Center will add significantly to our already visually attractive and high quality array of facilities – and will vastly improve the capacity of CGA to physically train its cadets to the best of our abilities.”

– Tim Fitzpatrick, Director of Athletics, USCGA