Why We Give

Cadet in Class

“We have always supported our children’s schools and activities, and now that our daughter is at the Academy it is no different. By making a donation to the Parents Giving Fund we honor those parents who have donated previously and have ensured that the Academy has the best to offer to the current Cadets, and we show our daughter how proud we are of her and demonstrate our continued support of her. ”
Neil & Julia Clark, Parents of Katherine ‘17

Cadet at Review

“As parents we can be proud of the long tradition our children are entering, of protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, going clear back to the time of Alexander Hamilton. Unrestricted funding to the Parents Giving Program allows the Superintendent to direct funds to any area deemed most critical, providing a world-class education for our 21st century ‘leaders of character.’”
Jon and Colleen Palmquist, Parents of Jason, ’10 and Joseph, ’12

“Through our contributions to the Parents Gift Fund, we create a ‘Margin of Excellence’ that closes the gap between what government funding actually provides, and the needs of our cadets. The Academy offers a priceless education, and we feel lucky that our two cadets have benefited at no cost to us. In the spirit of giving, leadership, and community support, we recognize that it’s our turn to give something back.”
Jo Ann and Greg Lane, Parents of Matthew, ’09, and Brent, ’13